The big little things in Richmond Indiana

When I first got out of high school and decided that I was going to study graphic arts in college I assumed that I would be leaving Richmond when it came time to find a career. After all, Richmond didn’t seem like a hotbed of new media at the time, and I had never met anyone else at school or otherwise that was going into a computer related field.
There were other issues as well. I didn’t feel that this area had the culture that I was looking to be involved with. There are no Thai restaurants in Richmond. There are no movie theatres that play low-budget independant movies. Most all of the restaurants are chain restaurants. Richmond doesn’t have much going for it,
or so I thought…
Photo of main street richmondLiving in a small town in Indiana has its advantages and charm. Main Street, the street our company office is located on, is one of the things that I love about Richmond. Small shops (that aren’t child companies of a faceless parent company) and small, green landscaped sitting areas that break up the red brick background of Main Street are what I see when I step out the front door of our office.
I walked across the street today into Readmore, a small coffee shop and book store. They’re a small business and the owner is usually there making hot tea, coffee and selling their locally infamous pies. There’s something so romantic about being able to take a break from work and walk across the street to Readmore. There’s something about being able to give them $4.80 and sit down with a peice of pie and a large cup of hot mint tea. Once I’m finished I go back to work, looking forward to the next time I’ll be able to go there.
It doesn’t take big buildings or trendy coffee houses to make me feel like I’m going places. I can sit in my office on small, unknown and undiscovered Main Street Richmond and know that I’m not missing anything. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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