Rollin' in the New Year!

Once again there isn’t a lot going on. However, there are a few things worth noting…
Chris (a co-owner of Summersault) and I are working on filming our pilot episode of a television show we’re starting called “Life on Main Street”. We’re going to try and feature some of the people and businesses on Main Street Richmond. We have many ideas and they are getting more and more defined as time goes by. Currently the only thin we have set in stone is the logo (right). We’ve filmed footage for the intro and we’ve sent out letters to the businesses we’re wanting to feature in our pilot. I’ll let me know more about this once we’re more into the project.
Kristen starts her student teaching this semester, which is good because it’s her last semester, but it’s bad because she thinks it will be her worst to date. That’s not too good… So, we’re bracing ourselves for a rough couple of months and hoping that everything works out well. I know it will be worth it once she has her teaching job, we’ve had to live on a very, very tight budget for a long time now.
I’ll try to post again this week with some more interesting information, there really isn’t much right now…
Journal Archives (pre-January 1, 2004)

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