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I’ve been a Christian for nearly 7 years now, but I’ve never really gotten into Christian music that much. Most of it, I thought, was very corny and contrived. Usually when I’d hear most praise songs on the radio I’d quickly change the station and, usually, say outloud to myself “CORNY!”. Well, now I know what I was missing. I’ve been listening to some groups lately that have changed the way I worship.
My friend and band-mate Adam has turned me onto some groups that are just out of this world. Isreal and New Breed is the main one that I’ve been listening to, but I’ve also been turned onto Hillsong and Delirious. I had never heard of these groups, but now I wish that all Christians were familiar with these groups so they could experience them.
Israel HoughtonIsrael and New Breed
Israel and New Breed are a powerhouse of musical talent. I liken most of their music to Dave Mathews Band, though they’re actually pretty different. I think it’s the drummer that makes me think of DMB. Israel Houghton is the name of the worship/band leader. He’s a wonderful musician and serves as the lead vocalist for most of the songs. With about 13 members, the group is very large, and you can tell when you listen to their music. There are so many subtle nuances that I’ve hears something new each time I listen to it. Their jazz-esque style makes their sound increadibly exciting to anyone that likes fusion.
Hillsong + Delirious
This group took me a little longer to appreciate. They’re very much similar in style to the majority of praise bands. Their songs are mostly slower and reflective. However, the one thing that sets them apart from many praise groups is their lead singer’s voice. Her voice is almsot haunting. In particular, the song “I Give You My Heart” gives me chills almost everytime I hear it.
I highly suggest that you check out both of these artists. You won’t regret it.

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