Post performance and the glory days of Richmond

Unseen performed on Saturday night and it went very well. We had a good turnout and we did well with all of the music. There was only one bad mistake the whole night and it was easily recovered from. Overall we were very excited to have it over with, but we all look forward to playing again. We’ve got a couple of events on the horizon. More on that later. For now I’m enjoying my evenings at home and loving not having to leave for practice and be gone all day on Saturdays.
Christmas time is here and I’m again reminded about how much I hate cold weather. It’s not too bad when it’s in the 30s, but I can’t stand it when it’s in the single digits or even 20s for that matter. You can feel the death trying to wrap its cold fingers around you. I’m beginning to understand that winter is a time for cleansing of the earth. The weak things die and the strong survive. It’s so extreme.
I’m getting very excited for Christmas this year. For some reason this year seems especially relaxed. Maybe it’s Kristen’s job and her being able to be off for two weeks for Christmas break, but I feel like a kid again. I don’t know what my presents are and I’m excited to find out.
I’ve been interested in the history of Richmond lately and I found a very interesting feature on the Morrison Reeves Library website. It’s called Lost Richmond and it does a great job of showing Richmond as it used to be versus today. One of the most interesting ones to me was the Westcott Hotel. Mostly because it’s so close to where I work. It’s sad that Richmond has lost so much of its character and charm to make way for the bland and generic likes of Wal-Mart and other life-sucking organizations.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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