New web project in the works!

As most of you know, at one point I was the webmaster and part owner of, an online community for horror movie fans. It was a website I started in my spare time, but it grew over a couple of years into a highly popular horror movie website that people visited from around the world. However, when my circumstances changed and I no longer had the time to give the site the attention it needed, I had to hand the site over to my two partners.
Now, two years later, I’m ready to take a another stab at a large-scale web project. The details of the project haven’t been hammered out yet, but I’m in talks with one of the past owners of to create a new website. I’ll just tell you that it won’t be a horror movie website. More on that later.

We’re still in early planning and research stages, so things are moving along at a somewhat slow pace. I’m doing lots of planning and trying to wrap my mind around how to set things up. The site will be built from scratch mostly and will be very interactive.

I’ll post something here once we have more of an idea what direction the site is going in.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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