New bass baby!

With the prospect of starting a praise band presenting itself, my musical juices have really started flowing again lately. One of the things that occured to me is that I don’t know many bass players, so I took some steps… I’ve always enjoyed playing bass, but I’ve never had one at my disposal, until now. I spent some time looking around on eBay and doing some research on how good each of the basses I looked at actually was. The one I ended up purchasing gets wonderful reviews and I got it for about half what it costs new (even though it’s in mint condition). Great deal.
It’s an Ibanez SRX705 and it’s rather beautiful. It’s a nice, natural finish (which I’m a big fan of) and it has a neck-through body design, which is indicative of a higher quality bass. Overall I’m extremely excited to get it here and start playing it. I plan on using it for both home recording as well as letting any bass player that I can find for the praise band use it. It’ll get some good use.
I’ve attached some pictures below. Click on them to view the enlarged versions. These are from the auction itself, and weren’t taken by me.

I also purchased a few other items on eBay, including a microphone for recording purposes, a microphone cable, 5 guitar cables (because I’m always looking for one and never have one) and a little while ago I purchased a new video card for our computer so I can play newer video games.
Speaking of video games… I recently purcahsed Rise of Nations and man is it an awesome game. You basically choose a nation and then control the rise of that nation from prehistoric times up through modern day. I highly recommend it.
Other than that there’s not a whole lot going on. My dad has been in town since Friday and he’s been staying at our house. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m sure once the bass arrives that I’ll take some photos and post them here.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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