Something a little different today…

Here are lyrics from a song I’m really enjoying right now:

Suppose I said
I am on my best behavior
And there are times
I lose my worried mind
Would you want me when I’m not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?
Suppose I said
Colors change for no good reason
And words will go
From poetry to prose
Would you want me when I’m not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?
And I, in time, will come around
I always do for you
Suppose I said
You’re my saving grace?

Not Myself
– John Mayer (Room for Squares)

Good stuff… good stuff…

Kristen and I are working on planning an all-night sleepover at our church for the youth group next month and I have to say that I’m very excited. There’s going to be TONS of food, including a Subway party sub, pizzas and hopefully buffalo wings in bulk. There are going to be games like hide-and-seek in a dark church (ooh spooky), human battleship, freezetag, etc. It’s going to rock!

I’ve been playing this little game in the office lately. I have a large, plastic bottle like what fruit juice comes in. I’ve been filling that up with water and then seeing how fast I can drink the whole thing. Sometimes it’s easy to finish the whole thing if I’m real thirsty, but otherwise it’s just an attempt to try and drink more water. I tried drinking water ONLY for a while back in the day, but that just gets too boring.

We had a picnic at Kristen’s aunt and uncles house on Monday for Memorial Day and it was fun. We played Croquet most of the time (which I had never played before that day) it was SO fun! There was lots of food, and it was a good time.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write about right now, so I’m going to get off of here.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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