LONG work week

We have a client in town this week for a week-long marathon work session. I’ve been working directly with him each day from 9:00 in the morning until around 11:30 or 12:00 each night. It’s taxing, but also a good amount of fun.
Last night we watched Signs while working and that really helps keep things fun. As much as I enjoy watching movies, it’s nice to be able to hear it playing in the background while working on the project.
We will be keeping this schedule up through Saturday and then I’ll have a day off just to start again on Monday. Fun stuff. Oh well, we can use the money…
One interesting bit of tentative news is that Kristen and I (as well as her parents) are planning a trip to Florida next summer. Kristen’s cousin (who was in our wedding) is getting married and we’ll be attending the wedding there. There’s also talk of going halves on a condo down there rather than staying in a motel, which would be great.k
I’ll be writing again soon.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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