I think you should know…

I think you should know…

I feel that someone needs to hear this, so here goes. I want to tell you about Jesus. I want to tell you how amazing his love is, how incredibly humbling his grace is. I want to tell about the Jesus who changed my entire life, who gave me purpose where there was none, who gave me hope when I had none. I want to tell you about the Jesus that took me into his arms when I had nothing to offer and had every reason to refuse my approach. I want to tell you about the Jesus who took away my fear of death and replaced it with great anticipation of that glorious face-to-face meeting I’ll have with him when this portion of eternity comes to a close. I don’t JUST want to tell you about a Jesus who saved me from Hell. He did that, but more importantly he gave me the right to be called a son of God, a brother of Christ.

Now, part of the Father’s family I’m heir to strength, peace, grace and most importantly fellowship with the Creator of the Universe.

Nothing you’ve ever done is too bad for Him to accept you. You can’t disqualify yourself from his forgiveness because it’s impossible to qualify yourself for it. You don’t have to pray a certain prayer (prayer is simply talking to God) or say certain words, you just have to confess that you need Him to come into your life and ask Him to do so. He’ll take over from there.

He’s a perfect gentleman and will never force himself on you. After all, how much would it mean to you if you had to force those around you to love you? You must choose, and it’s my promise to you that you’ll spend the rest of your life thanking Him for the privilege.

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