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What’s going on? Not much really, but things are pretty busy. From a large volume of work during the day, some relaxation time in the evenings and some filler-stuff to do during the weekends there hasn’t been much free time lately. I’ve been working on the Quaker Life Magazine design work in the evenings after dinner and that’s been going very well. I’ve been able to stay on schedule and get finished with the various milestones on time. It’s been a very interesting experience.
I spent yesterday evening, by myself, at Friends United Meeting. The building was dark and I was waiting on an older laserjet printer to warm up and process the (apparently) huge graphics files in the magazine. I spent most of my time sipping on a ginger ale and hoping the computer wouldn’t crash and lose my unsavable PageMaker document. It was scary. Every time I’ve tried to save it, OS 9.2 keeps giving me an eternal wristwatch. It sits there and I eventually have to force quit. Thankfully, when I re-open the document it gives me the ability to open the lastest version of the document or the saved version. Kind of makes you wonder why it has you save the files at all…
I’d really love to go to Arizona this summer. We’ve never been there during the summer and it would be nice to know what the summers are life before we move down there in a few years. We were planning on going up this Thanksgiving, but I think I’d rather go in the summer and swim. We’ll have to see how money is I guess.
Life can be difficult to manage sometimes, but isn’t it worth it when you come out on the other side having learned so much? I think it is.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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