A couple of weekends ago Kristen and I decided to go down to Brookville Lake. It’s only 25 or so minutes from our house and we were looking for something out of the ordinary to do so that’s what we did. As we drove through the country on our way to the lake I noticed all of the fall leaves and again remembered how much I love this time of year, the golden fields, the colored leaves. This is a wonderful time to live in Indiana.

As we passed the front entrance and made our drive down to the beach I couldn’t help but notice the lack of other cars. That’s when it hit me, it was mid-october and we were heading to the beach. It hadn’t occurred to me that our plans were so out of line with the season but even after it did I didn’t care, it was far too cool to swim but that wasn’t our plan anyway. We wanted to get away.

As we made our way through the large trees down the curved roadway the display of colors was amazing. I could easily remember what this same scenery looked like during the summer and the scene that day far surpassed the beauty of my memory. When we finally made it all the way to the beach there were only 2 cars in what would be a filled lot during the summer. We parked, in the front row on top of a large hill that flowed down to the water’s edge. It was beautiful. It was then that I realized that even though we couldn’t get into the water this was the most beautiful time of year to come to the beach. There were people on the lake in their boats, there was a group of young kids playing in the large grassy lot next to the beach and there were amazingly beautiful tree-covered hills in the distance no matter which direction I looked.


The water was still warm enough that it wasn’t too cool to put our feet into so we walked down the water’s edge. Pepper’s not a big fan of water so she wasn’t as excited as we were to be that close to the water. I had brought my camera with me and I was snapping pictures as quickly as I could to try and capture the moment when John Mayer’s 3×5 came to mind “Today I finally overcame trying to fit the world inside a picture frame”. Sadly I haven’t overcome that desire.

The whole experience got me thinking, how many other wonderful opportunities do we miss out on because we aren’t willing to do things that are outside of the box? Maybe ice cream tastes even better in the winter? I can’t help but think the person who decided to try using snow skis on the water might agree.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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