Getting Started

As new homeowners Kristen and I are a little overwhelmed by all of the projects we could take on. There’s the back yard which is need of some TLC. There’s the shower which needs to be re-grouted. There are the walls which all need to be painted and then there’s the kitchen which needs to be introduced to the 21st century. Lots to do, so little time (and money). So, where do we begin?
Since we first saw the house the thing we’ve been very excited to tackle is the yard. It’s a great yeard that has been abused for the last few months. Just by mowing the grass I could see that it had great potential. This weekend we’re going to work on the yard a great deal. Mulching and other landscaping, fence removal gardening and flower work are all on the list and we can’t wait!
We’re planning a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend so we can pick up lots of items for the house and then we’ll be working on the house all weekend! Hopefully it won’t be too hot.
Photos coming soon!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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