Dealing with salesmen

What is it about salesmen that keeps them from being able to give someone a good deal without trying to squeeze every penny out of them first? We went last night to a dealership to try and get a sense of what the prices are for different levels of cars only to find that most of the cars don’t have prices on them! It’s rediculous. This obvious inference is that the price is negotiable, but the salesmen don’t treat the price like it’s negotiable when they come out swinging. We just happen to know the salesman that we were talking with, and I thougt that would help him be a little more compassionate, but it didn’t.
I understand that they are trying to get as much out of the car for the betterment of themselves AND the lot, but when you know that someone wants to pay $150 a month NOT $160 and NOT $200, why don’t you work with them and try to get them something in their price range? It’s very counterproductive.
I was able to find a few cars that I like, but there will need to be some work done to try and get the price down to a range I can afford the payments for. I’m hoping that we can go tonight and find something that will be nice and affordable.
We also drove around to some other lots to get a sense of prices, but as you could have guessed, most of the others didn’t have prices either. We’re going tonight to drive a few and hopefully pick something out (if the price is right).

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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