Darrell Abbott: 1966-2004

Darrell Abbott: 1966-2004

If you knew me in high school, you know that I was really into heavy metal music. Among my favorite bands was Pantera. They were one of the few metal bands that could really challenge my guitar playing skills and allow me to get better as I learned how to play their songs. The band I was in in high school idolized them and the majority of our song list consisted of Pantera tracks.

They’ve been broken up for a couple of years now and the guitarist and drummer from Pantera (which happen to be brothers) had formed a new band known as Damageplan. I’ve never listened to Damageplan before, but I knew this was their new band.

Today I read a headline that said “Ex-Pantera guitarist shot dead on stage”. I was horrified. I’m not a big fan of Pantera anymore, mainly because of the admitted satanic beliefs.

However, as a musician, I still have a great respect for the skill and complexity that much of their music exhibited. He was an amazing guitarist and could go toe-to-toe with the best guitarists out there.

To read the news release about his death, click here.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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