Apple Care proves to be well worth the money!

Apple Care proves to be well worth the money!

About 2 weeks ago to my horror I heard a horrible clicking noise coming from my 17″ MacBook Pro even though it was sitting next to my chair closed and was supposed to be sleeping. I heard the fan kick on and heard the clicking noise, picked it up and the screen was black and wouldn’t come on. I held down the power button to force shut it down, waited a second and started it back up. It wouldn’t boot… from anything… CD, hard drive and none of the standard startup key combinations would do anything. I had one of two things a dead hard drive or a dead logic board I thought.

I called up AppleCare and after they walked me through many of the steps I had just tried again for good measure they made me an appointment at my local Apple Store so they could have a look and, if need be, send it in for repairs. I show up at the store a couple of days later, give them my laptop so they can have a look and eventually the guy tells me that he’s going to order a new hard drive and logic board for me and send it in for repairs and that I should have it back within a week. Much to my surprise I find out that I wont have to drive an hour back to Indianapolis to pick it up either because they now ship repaired products directly back to the customer!

Six days later the FedEx guy shows up and I have a very carefully packaged 17″ MacBook Pro that has been cleaned very thoroughly and more importantly works like a brand new computer. The best part about all of this is the fact that were it not for AppleCare these repairs would have costed me nearly $1300 for parts alone!!! With AppleCare it was completely covered.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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