Apple hardware announcement expected today

PowerMacApple is set to release their “latest pro innovations” today just before the PhotoPlus expo. I wrote earlier about Apple’s new iMac and how it made the decision of whether to buy a PowerMac or an iMac more difficult than I thought. Will this announcement make that decision easier? Will we see a new/upgraded PowerMac? Will Apple include the FrontRow functionality on the PowerMacs as well? We’ll have to wait and see.
From “Late last week, Apple sent invitations for the third time in the last two months to select analysts and members of the media inviting them to an event that seems poised to finally see, among other likely announcements, the introduction of new PowerBooks and Power Mac systems that Think Secret initially anticipated would debut at last week’s media event.
Unconfirmed reports received since our last story on the new systems have suggested that Apple retail stores may have already received stock of at least some of the new Power Macs. Increasing chatter has suggested that Apple could drop its lowest-end PowerBook offering and bump the specifications on its other models. At least one of the new 15-inch PowerBook G4 systems could sport a display with a 1440×900 resolution — the same as the current 17-inch PowerBook — suggesting that Apple’s high-end offering may likely also get a display upgrade. Documentation that shipped with Apple’s last 17-inch PowerBook, which started shipping in February, suggested that the company had intended to offer a display with an HD-supporting 1920×1200 resolution. It’s unclear whether that will finally arrive tomorrow, however.
Will we have a new PowerMac or PowerBook by the end of the day? We’ll see! Check back later for an update.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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