Another show in production

As you probably know I’m currently working on a television show with a co-worker and we’re going to be airing it on WCTV shortly. However, we have to finish 3 episodes before we air the first one. That could take quite a while since a lot of our progress depends on the schedules of our subjects. So, in the meantime we’re producing a show called Tech Talk for WCTV. As you can probably tell from the title it’s going to be about technology. We have some ideas flowing for the show and you can see our title treatment on the right.
We’re working on the first episode tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get a lot of it done. If we do I’ll be sure to let you have a look.
We are very excited to have a show that we can get finished on our own schedule and to have a topic that we’re both so interested in. All of the shows will be available online shortly. I’ll be sure to post info once we’ve finished our first episode.
On another note, here’s a little bit of comic relief you might be interested in. There’s a new version of windows out, Windows RG. Take a look at it here. Take time to explore all of the features, and make sure you have your sound turned up. 🙂
The weekend is here, and I am ready for it. We’re going to see The Passion of the Christ on Sunday and we cannot wait. That’s it for now!

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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