Another loss

I was watching The Apprentice last night when we received a call from my step-dad letting us know that my grandmother had passed away. As you might remember my grandfather passed away not long ago, and this was his wife. I’m not terribly upset about it because her quality of life has been pretty bad for the past few years.

I have many wonderful memories with all of my grandparents and many of those memories involve the two that I’ve lost. Back when I was in elementary school we lived with them for a while (my mom, brother and I) and I can recall those being some of the best years of my life. Adventures in the stream behind their house, wonderful breakfast in the morning, playing cards and grandma listening to Vince Gill on the radio. Grandpa was always a very hard worker and he had more love for all of his family that must could hope for. I had some wonderful times with them both.

But death isn’t the end. Sorrow is for those without hope. Do I miss them? Of course.

On another note Kristen and I are going with about 13 other people to see The Passion of the Christ as soon as we can. I’m going to try to arrange to get tickets today and see if we can’t see it the night it comes out. I am so excited for this movie. I’ve been reading news bits that say that they’ve increased the number of theaters that it will be playing in to around 2,500. This may not seem like a lot, but it’s actually a little more than most movies get. For example, The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was in around 3,000 theaters. So, this one is getting some massive exposure. Thank God.

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