4th of July Weekend

If there’s one thing I love more than the weekend it’s a 3-day weekend. It’s nice to really be able to get some rest in and spend time with family and friends in the process. This weekend, as if it were avoidable, was 4th of July weekend and for the U.S. that means the celebration of Independance day. Typically this means hamburgers, hot dogs and trying not to blow off your hand with fireworks. I was party to all three of these, and while I was very safe when it came to the fireworks (since my career depends on the presence of at least a couple of fingers) I had more than my fare share of hot dogs and burgers.
Friday night was the time and most of east-central Indiana was the setting for one of the worst storms that I’ve ever seen. We were at Kristen’s parents house and planning on watching a movie. However, once the whether stirred up and the power went out we knew that our plans were going to change. We instead ended up bailing water from a neighbors basement.
Kristen’s parents live across the street from an older couple that we attend church with. Their basement has a history of filling up with water whenever the power goes out and there are heavy rains. They always do their best to keep things under control, but with the man having not-so-good knees they’re not able to keep on top of the water. So when the weather kicked up we knew that we were going to have to go over and help them out. IÂ won’t go into a long drawn out story, but let’s just say that we carried 5-gallon buckets of water up the stairs while we waited on the power to come back on. That lasted most of Friday night…
Saturday was a pretty nice day. Kristen and I slept in to try and get some rest after a hectic Friday night. We were supposed to be going over to Kristen’s parents house that night for a cookout and Kristen was going to be making a couple of dishes for that. She spent most of the day working on those and I spent most of my time getting some work done on the computer. Once that was all done we went over there for a campfire and a cookout.
Sunday was fairly typical, we went to church in the morning but then we went out to lunch with the youth pastor to talk about some ways that we might be able to help him. Once that was over we had to get back home so Kristen could prepare a dish for the cookout we were going to at my mom’s house.
We had a good time at the cookout, there were several lawn games that we played but we mostly sat around and talked with everyone. It wasn’t too hot, so we had a good time. Once that was over we headed over to another cookout so that Kristen could visit some family that was in from out of town. We had a great time there as well. That’s where we set off lots of fireworks.
Monday turned out to be a not-so-exciting day. I had already contemplated coming into work even though we were closed for the day. I had some stuff that I could get started on and since we’re leaving for vacation next week I thought I would use it for a chance to get some things done. In the end I decided to go ahead and take the time to relax and Kristen and I planned a trip to the movies. What happened at the movies wasn’t so exciting, we saw The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. All that I will say is that we left in the middle of it, which is something I don’t usually do. It was absolutely horrible. The rest of the day was spent playing the GameCube and sitting around the house with Kristen and her brother.
In general this weekend was pretty fun and relaxing, exactly what I needed.

Some imagery provided by Unsplash.

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